I don’t know how it’s feeling in your part of the world, but here in Virginia, it was 41 degrees F this morning.  I’m one of those people who don’t like to put on the heat before November….”just put on another sweater” kind of girl.  Mostly because I get a thrill out of getting a very low electric bill that month.  🙂  But this fireplace is looking really good right about now.  (Picture taken last week at Harvest festival at Graves’ Mountain.)  May God bless you today with warmth in your heart, and a constant fire of His Spirit.  Blessings, Lisa

Nose to the Wind


Our dog Finnegan has taught me many things, but the thing I love the most is his total appreciation for the feel of the wind on his face.  He faces the wind full on, lifts his nose to smell all the fresh outside, and closes his eyes as if he’s totally experiencing it and loving it.  🙂  After watching him do this several times, I stood beside him and tried it.  Closed my eyes, lifted my head up, and breathed deeply.  And it was wonderful.  Relaxing yet awakening at the same time.  So if you drive by our house and see a dog and a girl with their eyes closed, wind whipping their hair back, we’re not crazy.  We’re happy.  Slainte, Lisa

Pillow Soft


These clouds are just begging for someone to take a nice long nap on them.  Kick your feet up on the end, sink your head down into the downy precipitation, and rest.  The first time that I flew on an airplane as a child, I was alarmed when I saw that we were heading into one of these soft creations.  Would we make it through?  How would it feel?  Passing through on the other side, I was relieved yet somewhat disappointed that the cloud did not hold up like I always imagined it would.  Yet I still  love to think of me sitting on a cloud, watching the world and all its cares float away.  Maybe when we’re with Jesus one day, we’ll be so light and forgiven, that the weight of this world won’t pull us through.  We’ll be free to rest on those beautiful puffs of white.  Blessings on your day, Lisa

The Cloud Came Over the Mountain


Coming home one evening not too long ago, I saw our mountain enveloped in cloud and mist, and of course, I ran inside to get my camera pronto.  Now if there was a way to get rid of those electrical lines.  But without electricity, there would be no computer, no WordPress, and hence, no post.  😉  Have a wonderful day!  Slainte, Lisa


Storm Clouds Are Just Another Shade of Blue

Rossbeigh, Ireland

Rossbeigh, Ireland

When I wake up on a day like this, I have two choices:  cover up my head and call it a day, or put on my boots, warm coat, zip up and go on.  I wish I could say that I always choose the latter of the two, but on the days when I have, I have been so glad.  Because beauty, joy, discovery can still be found on grey days…the beaches are quieter, the mountains look mysterious and as if they have a story to tell, and the wind cleanses and pushes out all the other “stuff” I might have been feeling.

You may be going through something really hard right now, something so big that you don’t know how to tackle it….you feel like diving under the covers and calling it a day.  The longer I live this life, the more I see that all of us go through some pretty hard stuff.  But if I will just zip up my boots (don’t get me started on how much I love my boots 🙂  )  and face the wind, no matter how stiff, I am alive, I am blessed, God is looking down on me and cares about me.  It may feel like He’s raining down on me sometimes, but those storm clouds are just another shade of blue.  Making me stronger, making me more like him.  Keep going, keep looking, the storm clouds will break, pass, and the blue sky is right there.  And it has been, all the time.  Slainte, Lisa

“By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way…”  ~Exodus 13:21a