Straight On

The cold and wind hit like a stone

Unyielding, chilling, hard

At first they huddled, cringed and turned

But then one brave one

Turned and faced the pain, the cold

Chose to face the hardness

Straight on

c2022 Lisa Lyons

Monasterboice, County Louth, Ireland. Founded in the 5th century.

Doing Hard Things Out of Love

Look at these beautiful stone structures at Monasterboice, begun in the late fifth century. There was no heavy duty machinery to help with the hewing and construction in those days, just hard, hard manual labor. These monasteries were built out of love and duty. Love for God who had saved them and sent His Son for them. Duty and purpose drove their construction, as they created monasteries to worship, serve, pray, learn, and teach others.

Lately, there have been many hard things, for all of us. The hard things seem to just keep coming. But we must keep going, keep doing the hard things out of love. To serve the ones we love. To show love to our Father in Heaven. To give purpose, fulfill our duty and produce joy as husbands, wives, mothers, children, friends.

Something beautiful will arise from the hard things

Love, Lisa

Rowing to Innisfallen

Innisfallen Abbey

Innisfallen Abbey

If you are touring in the Killarney area near Ross Castle, and have the time, I recommend rowing a boat over the lake to Innisfallen.  Innisfallen island is over the lake a bit from the castle, and my valiant husband braved the wind chopped lake waves and rowed us over.

Our little rowboat is on the left of the pier; Ross Castle can be seen in the distance across the lake.

Our little rowboat is on the left of the pier; Ross Castle can be seen in the distance across the lake.

Innisfallen was the site of a monastery established in the 7th Century; people say that King Brian Boru studied there.  If you go, you will see the remains of a 11th or 12th century priory and church.  But mostly, what you will feel and see is peace, quiet, history, and the remembrance of past saints’ prayers.  Slainte, Lisa