A Christmas Donkey

I just read Amy “Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey” by Robert Byrd.  The delightful story tells how the donkey is unhappy with his braying laugh and long ears, and of course, being able to talk to St. Francis, lets him know of his troubles.  St. Francis tells the wonderful story of how the faithful little donkey once carried Mary and her unborn child Jesus all the way over stony hills and hot desert roads to Bethlehem, and the stout and hearty heart of the donkey did not let her fall.  The book ends with the sweet, tired but fulfilled donkey laying beside the manger with the newborn Christ.  The other donkey, speaking to St. Francis, walks out into the snowy night and is at peace with who God created him to be.

Other than sheep, the farm animal that I love the most is the donkey.  Something about their big heads, long ears, huge eyes, and fuzzy stout body is endearing.  The cross on their backs is super-cool also.  (Symbolic of the donkey carrying Mary and the Christ on his back  🙂  )

Here’s a friendly little fellow we befriended in County Kerry and some other donkey pictures for you to enjoy in this season to celebrate and remember the night that Christ was born.  Slainte, Lisa




The Mystery of the Three Ships

“I Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In)” is one of my favorite Christmas carols.  Written in 1666 using an old English folk tune, historians are mixed and unsure of what the composer’s lyrics actually represent.  Do the three ships refer to the camels bringing the three wise men through the desert to worship the newborn king…the “ships of the desert”?  Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus Christ coming into Bethlehem?  I have a rather lacksadaisacal approach to these kind of questions…I usually just pick the most logical theory, and then not worry about it, because I just like the song!  🙂  And I choose…..hmmm, if I told you, then it wouldn’t be a mystery anymore!  Here is my favorite version of “I Saw Three Ships”, performed by the Chieftains and Marianne Faithfull.  Have a wonderful day.  Slainte, Lisa