Back to Ireland

“Back to Ireland”

Oh, I wish I could go back to Ireland to the greenest fields I’ve ever seen

And I’d walk on the road out of Doolin to watch the wild waves on the sea

My eyes long to see loughs of Kerry as the sheep gather ’round them to drink

Of the pure crystal water of Ireland & go on their way as I dream

I would stop on Dublin’s streets just to listen to the singer as he sings his lovely song

Then sit near a warm roaring fire and hear a story from so long ago

Oh I wish I could go back to Ireland to the castles that stay in my mind

All the people that passed through their hallways & lived, loved & laughed on her shores

I would stop into a church on a hilltop surrounded by the high crosses there

And sit for a while and just listen to the small, still voice of God

c 2012 Lisa Lyons, from the CD Flight of Freedom