Finding the Beach in the Mountains


My Essential Ingredients for a great beach day:

1.  Warm Sun and Blue Skies – Check

2.  Comfy beach chair and a good book – Check

3.  The  wonderful smell of Coppertone sunblock wafting in the air – Check

4.  A cool drink – Check

5.  Awesome beach tunes, provided via Chesney – Check

6.  The feel of escape (finished piano lessons, and escaped to the outside) – Check

Only thing missing…my sweetie (at work) and the feel of the ocean.  But hey, that’s where a good imagination comes in!  🙂 I love these God-given 72 degree days snuck into the middle of winter!   Slainte, Lisa

Looking with all your heart

There’s a new Kenny Chesney song that sticks in my head and I find myself singing more than I want to.  “El Cerrito Place” and the chorus goes, “I’ve been looking for you baby, I’ve been looking for you baby…”  several times more.  You would think that kind of repetition would not make for a good song, but for some reason, his single-mindedness to find this girl, not giving up, going to all her favorite places, is endearing.  I love to think that if I went missing, that my dear husband would spend many hours and weeks and months with the same determination to find me.  🙂

How hard and how much do we want to find God?  Do we run after a relationship with Him in the same way we run after our earthly loves?  How amazing it would be (and I’m including myself in this) if we could persistently and desperately yearn and long for a close relationship with God.  He never walks away from us, never leaves us; it’s usually me that steps back for whatever reason.  He just waits and loves and rejoices when I finally get it through my head that He is always there.  Slainte, Lisa

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”                         – Jeremiah 29:13