Finding the Beach in the Mountains


My Essential Ingredients for a great beach day:

1.  Warm Sun and Blue Skies – Check

2.  Comfy beach chair and a good book – Check

3.  The  wonderful smell of Coppertone sunblock wafting in the air – Check

4.  A cool drink – Check

5.  Awesome beach tunes, provided via Chesney – Check

6.  The feel of escape (finished piano lessons, and escaped to the outside) – Check

Only thing missing…my sweetie (at work) and the feel of the ocean.  But hey, that’s where a good imagination comes in!  🙂 I love these God-given 72 degree days snuck into the middle of winter!   Slainte, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Finding the Beach in the Mountains

    • An all expense paid trip to FL would be awesome…if one comes your way, I’m jumping in the suitcase! 🙂 But yesterday was amazing, and quite a gift.

    • Me too…it was a great day to soak up the rays outside. Hope you found a little time to do that as you walked outside from class to class. 🙂

    • That is surely what it was…a blessing and a reminder from God in the midst of winter…”I love you, and don’t forget, Spring’s coming! 🙂 “

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