Writing Standstill

I am working on a novel. Yes, I said it out loud. A little scary to actually commit it into writing. ūüôā

But I have hit a roadblock in the plot. Not sure where the characters are going next and what should happen.

So….I haven’t been writing at all, which makes me feel like I am wasting precious time. We only have so many hours on this earth.

The more I think about it though…..isn’t that how we live life? We move ahead, living our lives, sometimes without a clear plan or path. That is why the Bible is so very precious to me….it gives me direction and a path to follow when I have no clue. And it gives the right direction and path, every time.

I am thinking I just need to start again….begin writing and see where it goes. There are always the cut and delete options. My poor characters have stayed still long enough.

Advice is always welcome from any of you readers who are writers…..how do you move past a standstill in your creative process?

Write well, live well, love well. Love, Lisa

The Adventurous Trail


“You are on an adventurous trail with Me. This is not an easy time, but it is nonetheless good – full of blessings as well as struggles.¬† Be open to learning all that I want to teach you as you journey through challenging terrain.¬† And be willing to let go of familiar comforts so you can say a wholehearted “Yes!” to this adventure.¬† I will give you everything you need to cope with the challenges you face…..”

I had to share with all of you part of a little book that I heartily recommend.¬†Jesus Today¬†¬†by Sarah Young.¬† I read it every morning for my time with God, and it has helped to¬†encourage¬†me so much.¬† (This is no small thing, because I am terrible about being regular with devotions.)¬† The author has gone through some pretty challenging health struggles before writing this book, and uses the things she has learned from God along the journey.¬† So look for it….it will definitely encourage you and remind you that you are never, ever alone.¬† Slainte, Lisa