A Rabbit Trail of Joy

I have recently stumbled onto the rabbit trail that is the Jesus music of the early 1970s. This was no doubt spurred on from the wonderful new film, “Jesus Revolution.” I didn’t become aware of contemporary Christian music until the 1980s, and so there is a whole catalog of sonic greatness out there to discover. And I have thoroughly enjoyed it…. the unbridled joy, the rawness of the recordings, the energy. I like the fact that they are not perfectly produced and engineered. They feel immediate, and very real. People excited about their new faith in Jesus. Here are a few gems I have been listening to. If you know of others to suggest for my rabbit trail listening pleasure, feel free to suggest! Have a blessed day! Lisa

Love Song, “Little Country Church,” 1972
Mustard Seed Faith, “Sweet Jesus Morning,” 1975
2nd Chapter of Acts, “Jesus Is,” 1971

*I listen to 2nd Chapter of Acts all the time but had never heard their early songs from the 70s. This is their first single; the lead singer is 13-year-old Matthew Ward before his voice changed, along with his sisters.

Postscript….If you haven’t seen “Jesus Revolution” yet, we heartily recommend it!