A Rabbit Trail of Joy

I have recently stumbled onto the rabbit trail that is the Jesus music of the early 1970s. This was no doubt spurred on from the wonderful new film, “Jesus Revolution.” I didn’t become aware of contemporary Christian music until the 1980s, and so there is a whole catalog of sonic greatness out there to discover. And I have thoroughly enjoyed it…. the unbridled joy, the rawness of the recordings, the energy. I like the fact that they are not perfectly produced and engineered. They feel immediate, and very real. People excited about their new faith in Jesus. Here are a few gems I have been listening to. If you know of others to suggest for my rabbit trail listening pleasure, feel free to suggest! Have a blessed day! Lisa

Love Song, “Little Country Church,” 1972
Mustard Seed Faith, “Sweet Jesus Morning,” 1975
2nd Chapter of Acts, “Jesus Is,” 1971

*I listen to 2nd Chapter of Acts all the time but had never heard their early songs from the 70s. This is their first single; the lead singer is 13-year-old Matthew Ward before his voice changed, along with his sisters.

Postscript….If you haven’t seen “Jesus Revolution” yet, we heartily recommend it!

4 thoughts on “A Rabbit Trail of Joy

  1. Contemporary music is joyful, and I admire traditional churches that offer that type of worship experience, along with the traditional ones, for those who like to worship in an informal way with guitars and the like. It’s not my style of worshipping on Sunday mornings, but if it brings our youth to Christ, it is good that this type of worship service is being provided by many churches today.

  2. You choose 2nd Chapter of Acts, WOW! You have to understand it was this very group that woke me up and I said YES. It is a long story that I cannot relate here. But I heard Matthew Ward singing A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. And I was shaken.

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