The Rabbit Holes of Research

Scene: Writer is sitting at computer, working on in-progress novel.

Rising Action: Said writer decides to go online to research a portion of the history.

Climax, and also falling action: The research continues for two hours, as said writer finds so many interesting facts, contradictory issues, and related stories.

Conclusion: Writer is tired of sitting at the computer. Calls it a day after only writing two paragraphs on novel.

This was yesterday. Hopefully, it will not be today.

If any of you have any helpful tips to avoid these research rabbit holes, I am all ears.

Blessings on your day,


9 thoughts on “The Rabbit Holes of Research

  1. Empathetic Reader reading Said Writer suggests at —— (blank) this hour I will stop and have a cup of tea (soda, cookie, whole bag of chips – whatever!) Note: must be a stronger enticement than research.

  2. Lisa : Everyone needs time to to just exhale and think about the waves coming ashore. I have just four nieces. It makes me feel happy just to see them enjoy their life. A smile to complement their smiles.
    Doug Dwyer

  3. Interesting post and responses from your empathetic readers!! Liked the idea of setting a given time to research and stopping at the set time for a cup of tea or soda with the cookie or bag of chips!!!! That should work quite effectively to re-energize!!

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