Banish Misfortune

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As always, my heart is yearning for beautiful Ireland, and the music follows.

Carrick-A-Rede, County Antrim, Photo Ed Lyons

Here is a reworked version of the tune, “Banish Misfortune”, with some new lyrics I added, retitled “God Is Stronger”. It’s just a rough demo I recorded at home on the piano. I pray it encourages you on this day and helps you and me to remember that God is indeed stronger than ANYTHING we face. He can do everything, anything, all things.

Love to you all, and enjoy the day!

Love, Lisa

4 thoughts on “Banish Misfortune

  1. Good to hear that sweet voice again, Lisa. You have always been one of the few singers I know that had excellent pitch – nearly ALL the time! You haven’t lost it. Nor the ability to write lovely, scriptural words. Thank you for making me smile today – and God, too, I’m certain.

  2. What a delightful St’ Patrick’s Day treat awaited me today with your uplifting Irish song with its inspiring message and fancy finger work on the piano!!! Thank you, Lisa, for putting a smile on my face and a song in my heart!!! Knew your thoughts and heart would be in Ireland today, and I’m so happy you put those thoughts to music!!!! God is stronger than
    anything we face here on this earth. “May He hold you in the palm of His Hand.” Always!!! Amen and amen!!

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