True Confessions of Pandemic Endeavors

Ok, I am a little late on the bandwagon, but the first months of the pandemic had me rather stunned. Like a small rabbit who is scared, I just sat, stayed very still, and waited for it to hopefully pass quickly.

The months passed, and by May, I did something I said I would never, ever do. I went and bought houseplants! Any houseplant that had ever had the misfortune of crossing our threshold before COVID19 met its untimely death shortly thereafter. But….I was overcome with the urge for green living things in our home, even if it would be just a temporary gladness. Miracle of miracles…..all seven of them are still alive at this writing. Even poor little Niamh, our African violet. (Yes, we named them all. 🙂 ) She is not looking too grand, but I have great faith that she will pull through…..just make it to the springtime!

We then passed into the “let’s try to cook from scratch” phase, which is another thing that I am the very worst at. Let’s just say….that phase has passed, sadly for my long-suffering husband. We are back to the “walking to the refrigerator/freezer stage, holding the doors open for far too long, whilst we pray for something amazing, different, and easy to present itself for dinner.”

I also decided about summer time 2020 that I needed to learn new things, to stimulate my languishing/stressed out brain. Enter Duolingo Russian. All was going well until I needed to type Cyrillic on my nonCyrillic keyboard, use much copy/pasting from a Russian typing site, and you guessed it….it’s over. I have now decided that Swedish might be the way to go, but I will keep you posted. haha

I keep toying with the idea of learning to sew on a real sewing machine. But I have no sewing machine, and seeing the above patterns of my language learning and cooking, I have no desire to see an expensive purchase sit around my house unused. Any of you sew out there? How hard is it to learn how to use the machine from a YouTube video? (I think I just answered my own question. lol)

Anyway…..just wanted to document this Pandemic journey a bit. To talk about what is the elephant in the room for all of us.

Thankfully, God has made us to be creative creatures, like He is. He will keep us going, day by day, until this time in our history has passed. Enjoy whatever is keeping you interested today.

Write below…..tell me what has been your best/worst pandemic endeavors and experiments.

Love, Lisa

8 thoughts on “True Confessions of Pandemic Endeavors

  1. Lisa, this is a hoot today – and a joy! To think about something fun and funny. Yes! I have puzzled my way into the Puzzle History Book and am not sick of it yet! And yes, I have tried unlimited new recipes, some good, most uhhhhhhhhh OK, but all fattening. And I have started on the second time through all my closets, cabinets and drawers, cleaning and pitching. The 2nd! We are all in there with ya. But, God-willing, will soon be out the other side and have grown with all He’s teaching us in patience.

    • Ooh…I like the sound of the Puzzle history book….love history! Going to have to look into that! I haven’t gotten desperate enough to clean anything but my one closet yet, and that was a half hearted attempt at best. Maybe….if this thing goes on for a few more months….maybe. Heehee

  2. I’ve missed my mom’s old Singer sewing machine more than I thought was EVER possible! As long as you don’t start out with the computerized- all- bells- whistles kind, I think you may enjoy creating (/mending) with one. As for house plants, nowhere indoors here is safe from basketballs or guys, so I have just one plant now (oxalis) that I’ve kept alive for 2 years. I promised her a new Spring again. 🙂

  3. This was an absolutely awesome and entertaining post!! Your journey through Covid has challenged you to new and many creative things. Wish I could boast many challenging things that I have tried, but I really can’t. I spend a lot of time calling and writing notes to people to keep in touch and hopefully lift spirits, and then just do my regular household chores that at my old age keep me as busy as I want to be!!! HA!!!

  4. Love this post! I used COVID to explore too…things I didn’t really have the time to do, like becoming a yoga teacher (!!) and other things. So glad to know I wasn’t alone. Don’t stop exploring!

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