Writing When I Don’t Want To

Sometimes I feel just like this tree.  Stoic and strong. But I begin to wonder if the tree could think, if he would sometimes feel blah, uninspired, boring in his sameness.  But then just when you think the tree doesn’t change, it begins.  The green leaves turn yellow, orange, red, brown.  The wind moves the branches to and fro, changing the silhouette on the horizon.  The tree is inspired, inspiring, moving, changing, new.

When I don’t feel like writing, it is usually because I feel blah, uninspired, the same old Lisa, the same old day.  But God is always doing something new in me.  Even if I am unaware sometimes, he is making me slowly into the image of His Son.  My leaves are turning, the Spirit wind is blowing me in different directions.  

Sometimes just doing something, even if I don’t feel like it, is a good thing.  I feel better since I wrote this, and I’m not even sure why.  I guess I’m just reminding myself that God is always at work, things are not as static as I feel they are, and that moving into action can keep me propelled in that direction.

Thanks for listening to the rambling writer.  

Love, Lisa

3 thoughts on “Writing When I Don’t Want To

  1. Dear “Rambling Writer”, you are so normal! It’s good to know because I often think of you as having some “extra” gift from God that keeps you going forward through everything you have to overcome daily with such grace. It’s good to know that you too have these days. But you’ve found the secret – just do. Something. Like how we find God when we think He’s not there – we just make the first move. He’s always there. And trees, and life, are always new – if we look.

  2. Well, this is one of the best “rambling writer posts” that I have ever read!!! It was AWESOME!! The tree was gorgeous in all of its array of colored leaves and bright colors, just like the ones you used to love and play under when you were small. You might not have felt like writing today, but I surely am glad you did because it really blessed my day and made me smile!!

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