Changes, But the Same Me, Kinda


Changes are weird.  We get tired of the same old thing, but when change comes, we sometimes do miss what was.

I have been having some of those big changes in the past few years.  Enough so that the blog feels like it has to change with me.  Like many of you, I am now living with a fair amount of daily pain and mobility challenges.  God has been very faithful and has carried me through each day.

So that is why I have renamed the blog, “Carried.”  When I can’t take another step on these weary legs, He carries me on to the end of my day.   I wake up anew each morning, knowing that I am stronger than before on the inside, more patient, happier with little things.  And that is all because Jesus is here beside me each step of the way.

I’m not exactly sure what this blog will look like in the coming days, as it’s definitely a work in progress.  As am I.  But I would love to encourage others that are going through the struggles of chronic pain and disabilities.  Not that I have all the answers, but I understand some of what you may be feeling.

If you need someone to talk to, or to reach out to, so that you know you are not alone, please write or comment.  I would love to hear from you.  Love, Lisa

9 thoughts on “Changes, But the Same Me, Kinda

  1. Looking forward to hearing the words of hope you can give to everyone, through blog and music. Our circumstances may change, but God’s promise doesn’t. Words of encouragement from those who share experiences help us all to grow and affirm our faith! Thank you!

  2. Lisa, what a serendipitous occurrence that I stumbled back here to my blog after 2 years of no posting due to just being overwhelmed with my eating issues and health problems and really not wanting to be accountable to them. Something told me to get on here and blog to help vent and be accountable. I saw and read some of your stories and would love to be here to support you as well. Have a great evening! Chris

    • God is so amazing like that.😊 Writing about things has really helped me, but like you, I didn’t want to for a time. Sometimes you have to process it all privately for a time just to be able to deal with things, at least for me. Hope you are doing better. Love, Lisa

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