Keeping Himself to Himself, That One

far and awaay

For all the poor reviews that the movie Far and Away received, there are a couple of scenes that totally entertain me and that I use in great frequency in my own life.  Here is the primary one of those.

Men from the pub, as Joseph enters:
Down from the north, are you?

Or perhaps the East?

West of here, maybe?


Joseph Donnelly: I prefer to keep my business

to myself, if you please.

Men: Very wise.
Mr Christie enters:  What places you

in this small chapter of the world?

Men: He's keeping himself to himself,

that one.

There is a fine art to keeping oneself to oneself; it can come in  handy on multiple occasions.  Slainte, Lisa


2 thoughts on “Keeping Himself to Himself, That One

  1. I think it’s funny how when you go from script form to movie form lines always change haha. Where did you find the original script though…bravo! An Example of these changes is when the men say ‘Very wise.’ in the script, in the movie they actually say ‘Very wise, very wise, very wise’ — repeating it three times. Another example is “South. Definitely south.”
    Great post!

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