Joy of Life

Energy Prescription:

1. Press the play button

2.  Listen for at least 1 minute.  You will then be unable to stop listening until the end.

3.  Let your foot begin to tap; head bob at will.

4.  The smile will creep up on you when least expected.

5.  Presto!  A bit of energy, courtesy of the Corrs.  🙂

Enjoy your day; stay warm.  Slainte, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Joy of Life

  1. Wow! It didn’t even take minute! 🙂 Hey, I’ve heard The Corrs before, but I didn’t know they did Celtic!! Must find more! Thanks for sharing this. Slainte, back at ya!!!

    • They usually hide one or two trad tunes on each of their albums…. “Silver Strand”, “Toss the Feathers,” and “Erin Shore”…
      🙂 Have a great Tuesday, Lisa

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