Playing Your Heart Out, Even If No-One’s Listening


As a musician, it’s sometimes hard to perform your best when no one seems to be enjoying it.  But yet, some of my best times playing music are when it’s just me and God, the stillness of a room, the banging of the piano keys, the not worrying about the performance, just talking in the best way I can to Jesus.  To me, the best music is that way….a heartfelt conversation, a pouring out of emotion and feeling and angst and joy and whatever else makes up these human hearts that we have.  And all of that is not dependent on crowds or audiences or attention.  The One who made us is always listening, always attentive, always ready to hear what we are saying or trying to say.  Thank you God.  Blessings, Lisa

5 thoughts on “Playing Your Heart Out, Even If No-One’s Listening

  1. I sooooooooooooo agree with this!!!!!!!!! Nothing like our alone time with the Lord. He fills our very being at times with His presence.

  2. Guess it’s kind of like writing, huh. Even if nobody is reading, the Lord is. I have a friend who says he first started preaching to eight empty chairs in his dads basement at eight years old. :-}

  3. When music comes form the heart of the performer, an audience can see and feel that, and that is why some performers really connect with their audiences! I have had the pleasure of being in that audience when you were singing and playing and just “talking to God,” and you connected with people around me because they could see that you were real and your message was from the heart! May God always bless you , Lisa, with every good and perfect gift of his care and love!

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