In Church


What is a church?  Is it four walls, beautiful stained glass, soaring organ music?  Is it people who love God, gathering together?  This church ruin in Ireland once held people, coming together to worship by the sea.  Is it not a church because the roof is gone?  Or does Jesus hold all things together by His love and grace and mercy?  Questions, questions, but He holds all the answers.  We just trust, and worship, and love, and continue on towards Him.  Slainte, Lisa

2 thoughts on “In Church

  1. I love that we are also called to be the church; not simply “go to church”. It is so much more than a building where we praise or gather (and yes those things are so very important), but He longs for us to have relationship outside those walls as well, to go and be the church in the world, in our relationships. so, even when rust, age, storms, or hurricanes may tear down physical buildings, the church will always remain…because He lives on the inside of His believers! Love you!

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