Summer Says See You Soon!


I always get a little sad when summer is leaving.  I am a summer girl…love walking outside with no coat, no gloves….love the water… the feeling of the heat on my skin and my face.  But whenever I’m sad about someone or something leaving, I don’t say “goodbye.”  I say “see you soon!”  And the things I love are still there, they are just out of sight for a little while.  Meanwhile, I will try to embrace the cooler air and sweaters re-emerging from dark recessed places of my closet.  The wind will hit my face; I’ll breathe deeply; life is a wonderful gift.  Blessings, Lisa

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”  ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

2 thoughts on “Summer Says See You Soon!

  1. I have been going on short walks most evenings recently, before the dark draws the evenings in. We live on the edge of moorland. I love watching the swallows. At this time of year they seem to be the most active bird in the evenings. They are either tiny dots high in the sky or dipping and diving so close by I can almost touch them. We live in midge territory.
    I am sad when they leave on their long migration to Africa. The moors seem a lonelier place when there twittering is gone. it amazes me how they manage to survive. How I love it when I see the first swallow return in the Spring.

    • Your walks sound wonderful. Birds are wonderful to watch because they seem so happy as they fly. 🙂 Enjoy, and have a blessed day! Lisa

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