I don’t know this man or his story, but he’s rowing a rather large boat with a motor attached.  If his motor fizzled out, he has a long row back to shore.  Whatever his story is, he’s not giving up.  He’s rowing.  And eventually he will get to the shore.  He’ll make it.

“Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  ~Joshua 1:9

Whatever you’re facing today, I pray God’s strength and courage for you.  For God is with you wherever you go.  Blessings, Lisa


8 thoughts on “Courageous

  1. Loved the analogy you made with this picture and our need to be strong and courageous. Thankfully the source of our strength is the presence of the Lord in our lives. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else.

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Shelly! I am so glad every single day that the Lord never gives up on me, and keeps giving me the strength I need for that day, for that moment. Have a wonderful day! Lisa

  2. This is the very verse the Lord has been bringing to me for the last week. God is so perfect in His timing. Here are some thoughts from another devotion I wrote down just a couple days ago: Discouragement is one of satan’s main weapons. It gets great results with little investment. Believers can become so discouraged that they give up, then satan doesn’t have to do anything to stop the work. The word discourage means weakened, disheartened. whatever the adversity we face, we think either we can’t handle it, or God can’t. So we want to turn and walk away. We tell ourselves, I can’t do it, I can’t handle it, I can’t bear it. So, what do we need to do when we feel discouraged? PRAY!!! Lord, help remind me that when I get discouraged it is the enemy trying to keep me from doing what you have for me to do!!

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