Sitting By the Riverbank


Sometimes I want to take on the world, walking vigorously, exploring all there is to see.  But other days I just want to sit by the riverbank and watch it flow.  Listen to the waters flowing over the rocks, watch the birds overhead in flight, rest my body in the soft green grass.  Both ways have merit and worth, just differently.  Action and thought.  Both integral parts of this thing that God has given us….life.  “He leads me beside the still waters; He restores my soul.”  ~Psalm 23:2b-3a

Blessings for your day, Lisa

5 thoughts on “Sitting By the Riverbank

  1. Lisa that beautiful picture looks so much like one on the grounds of a beautiful B&B in Galway. Thanks for reminding me of such a wonderful time!! He does indeed restore my soul!!

    • I wish it were my view…this was taken in County Kerry when we were on vacation. Near the Gap of Dunloe. We live in the mountains of Virginia.

      Have a wonderful day! Lisa

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