Let the Sheep Speak!

It has been far too long since I have had a sheep post, and I will now rectify that situation forthwith!  For your viewing and voting pleasure, I present three sheep pictures.  Please vote for your favorite in the comments section below.  Of course, I know that some of you will vote based on scenic value, and others will vote purely for the look of the sheep, but that’s ok.  I’m no scientist.  😉  I will now let the sheep speak for themselves, and may the best sheep win!  Slainte, Lisa

The Climbing Sheep of Carrantuohill

The Climbing Sheep of Carrantuohill

The Grazing Sheep of Dingle

The Grazing Sheep of Dingle

Sheep on the edge of Valentia Island

Sheep on the edge of Valentia Island

19 thoughts on “Let the Sheep Speak!

  1. Tough choice, letting the sheep decide which picture is best, I will give you this answer:
    My favourite adventurous and content sheep: climbing sheep
    My favourite content seaside sheep: grazing sheep
    My favourite content island sheep: sheep on Valentia Island
    Slainte, Karen 😀

  2. The grazing sheep. I would have said the climbing sheep, but they look mean and stand-off-ish in that picture (even though I was one of the ones who took that picture 😉 ). Therefore, I will go with the grazing sheep!

    • Joshua, I believe you’re right….the climbing sheep are probably grouchy due to their strenuous climb up the hard, rocky side of the mountain. 😉

    • Jeff, your vote for the grazing sheep of Dingle has put this sheep contest into a dead heat…2 for the climbing sheep, and two for Dingle darlings. The tension is palpable! 😉

    • They are pretty adventurous and amazing sheep, aren’t they? My husband and son took hours reaching the top of that mountain, rather strenuous climb. They said those sheep made their way up quickly and steadily, with no apparent look of exhaustion about them at all. 🙂

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