Friday Mystery For You To Solve

OK, all you wanna-be Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys!  Here’s a mystery for you…where was this photograph taken?  All valid guesses will be listened to…you may not be right, but you will be listened to.  Have a wonderful weekend filled with little wonders and mysteries.  Slainte, Lisa


8 thoughts on “Friday Mystery For You To Solve

  1. Actually, I am now 100% sure that it is Blarney Castle near Cork. I found proof other than my own memory. Check out minute 2:33 in this video I found on Youtube! They have done some renovations in that area since your picture was taken! haha

    • Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! 🙂 Joshua, you are absolutely correct, and that’s cool that the video shows that exact wall and part of the grounds. I like the new landscaping and improvements they’ve added since we’ve been. Well, now you can go into your weekend happy with your super sleuthing abilities. 😉

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