There are many things I love about these pictures…


The time spent together, daddy & daughter…


The sparkling, ever-changing, ever-sonorous ocean…


The firm sand under our feet…

The bluest of blue skies…

God ever-present, ever-loving throughout it all.    Have a blessed day, Lisa



4 thoughts on “Moments

    • That ocean, always luring the perfectly dry and warm clothes of the kids in….heehee! 🙂 We have the same thing happen here. These pics were taken at the Outer Banks in NC this Thanksgiving.

  1. What an interesting word, sonorous. Sometimes words just kind of define themselves and that appears to be one of them. But–I’m going to have to look it up, just to make sure.

    • I tend to be too much of a word geek sometimes. 😉 I read sonorous once, and loved it. It sounds like what it means.

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