Hairstylist? Wendy Eire, of course!



One thing I can definitely say about the west of Ireland in May…you won’t need to worry about your hair!  Wendy Eire, or windy Ireland as some of you may know her, takes care of everything for you.  Rather freeing actually, as everyone around you uses the same stylist.  😉   And I hope that today is a good hair day for you all.   Slainte, Lisa

4 thoughts on “Hairstylist? Wendy Eire, of course!

  1. If I remember correctly, in the movie Iron Man, with John Wayne and Mareen O’Hara, their hair didn’t even get messed up after some serious brawls. I don’t even remember seeing a cloudy day. It is nice to get a realistic picture of what Ireland is really all about.

    • You’re right….John Foard’s picture of Ireland and the reality sometimes differed a bit. What I remember most about Quiet Man is J.Wayne dragging Maureen O’Hara across the field, and she didn’t get mad a bit. I tell you what, that right there is not realistic! 😉 Lisa

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