Choices, Choices…

When I look at this sign, I know which way I want to go right away.  Ahh….if only life where that simple.  🙂  How about you? Click on your answer below.


By the way, I’m heading to the boats….water….always. 🙂  Plus there’s a restaurant there if hunger strikes; win-win!  Slainte, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Choices, Choices…

  1. I voted for the Kerry Way in the opposite direction. Life in that direction is a mystery. You never know what might be lying just around the bend. 😉

    • Awesome answer! And you would love to go that way…nothing but mountains and hiking and beauty. And of course lots of cool sheep! 🙂

  2. Just back from a wonderful week in Kerry….but Westmeath is pretty good too: sun is shining, blackberries are getting fat and we are off to sit outside with a glass of wine – slainte!

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