Pretty Cool Rocks, Part Two

Bathsheba, Barbados is a coral island filled with lots of cool but rather sharp rocks.  And so, we were compelled to take lots of pictures of them, and now share them with you.  If you like rocks, you’ll like these.  If not, ask yourself….rocks, what’s not to love?  😉  Have an awesome day, Lisa


3 thoughts on “Pretty Cool Rocks, Part Two

  1. That second rock has a face! I like Peter’s response. I had a pet rock one time, as did my daughter. She was nice to her rock and in return, she received lots of love. I ignored my rock and guess what? That is what I received in return. I have tried to do better.

    • That’s hilarious! 🙂 Maybe you can be nicer to said rocks in the future, heehee. I remember that “pet rock” stage….I can’t believe some guy thought, “hey, let’s put a rock in a box and sell them,” and they actually sold!

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