Tricking Myself


It’s raining.  It’s Monday.  Hmmm….I could post “Rainy Days & Mondays” by the Carpenters, but that wouldn’t help a bit.  🙂  So I think a little tricking of myself is in order to flip this mood around.  I hereby publish:

The Five Official Reasons to Love a Rainy Day:

1.  The rain makes everything greener, and I love green for sure.

2.  The rain makes me very tired chilled out, which makes for a relaxing day.  And I like relaxing for sure.

3.  The rain sounds cool on my tin roof, and I like cool sounds for sure.

4.  Gene Kelly looks super happy “Singing in the Rain”, and I like watching that for sure.  genekelly

5. ?

Oh, well, I guess it’s now The Four Official Reasons to Love a Rainy Day.   And four out of five ain’t bad.  Slainte, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Tricking Myself

  1. In the drought people pray for rain. In the floods we pray for sunny skys. When we are hungry we pray for food, and or course when we get too much food, we pray for help in losing a few excess pounds. (I do that a lot!) It does get confusing. I think that you have the right idea. Just find a way to enjoy the moment. Have a wonderful day!

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