Name That Towel Animal

A small conundrum for your Tuesday….can you name this towel animal?  He/she/it? was made for us on a cruise a few years ago, and I’m still unsure what it is.

I can name this one….

Frog or Toad or some related amphibian

Frog or Toad or some related amphibian

And this one…

Adorable Elephant

Adorable Elephant


But that other one?  Put me out of my wondering and tell me, please!  Have an awesome day and enjoy any other little critters you may see.  Blessings, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Name That Towel Animal

  1. Looks to me like ————— well it looks like someone should have something better to do than make a towel animal Like maybe clean the cabin????? The elephant is by far the best. But ——– Well have a good day and hopefully somebody will find a good reason for “towel animals”, other than just to lay around and absorb moisture.

  2. Man – I need to get a life. Here I am trying to figure out what a towel is. There is definately hair, although not combed. Two eyes. Perhaps a nose, or lack thereof. Maybe fish lips or someone who just swallowed something sour. My best guess would be a puppet dog. (or maybe just a wet towel.)

    • Don’t you know that the best of life is the love of a good towel animal….:) Maybe tonight you can make your own. heehee

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