The Perfect Day

The perfect day could be….
Walking through the surf, kicking up the foam as you go


Finding an unbroken and perfect sand dollar at the bottom of clear blue water


Listening to the steel drum band as they play beachfront


Taking your boogie board out for the seventh time, but that time you catch the perfect wave that lifts you up and lets you fly along the top of the water, then sets you down and carries you to shore

boogie board

Holding hands with the one you love as you watch the sun set over the ocean


Hearing God’s voice, like many rushing waters, as you listen to the ocean’s roar


What would be a perfect day for you?  Love to hear from you, as always.  Slainte, Lisa





8 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. Great question that really deserves a lot of thought. So many options. Most of which involve a special lady of fantastic qualities. Today is special because it is here. Thanks for making me think about it. Now today will be even better!

    • 🙂 Well, just throw that one out then! haha The beach is usually the setting of the best of my memories. Hope you are having a good day. Thanks for writing! Love, Lisa

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