Running to the Sea

Near Bray's Head, Ireland

Near Bray’s Head, Ireland

I had the most amazing dream last night.  I was running, barefoot, quickly and effortlessly, on very soft grass towards blue water.  Smiling and laughing and generally feeling that feeling that you feel when you’re a kid and have no troubles.  (yes, I realize I just used “feeling” too many times) No worries, no aches or pains, no thought to the future other than reaching that water.  Dreams are funny; sometimes good, sometimes weird, sometimes scary, but always usually interesting.  My favorite dreams always have something to do with travel or movement; my favorite flying dreams, where I flap my arms and take off into the sky; the dreams where I am getting ready for a trip, and now this awesome running whiz dream.  🙂  So the point of today’s blog?  Hmmm….must think, must think.  No, I don’t want to think; I just want to be happy and remember that feeling of the grass under my feet.  Be happy today.  Slainte, Lisa




2 thoughts on “Running to the Sea

    • You are very, very welcome. Glad my dream made you happy and remember. If it wasn’t so cold right now, I would take off my shoes and walk in some grass right now! 🙂

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