Gift from Heaven


Until yesterday, it has been pretty cold around here, requiring winter coats and heavy sweaters.  But then, out of the clear blue sky, came a 70 degree day, with sun no less!  And we’re going to have another of the same today.  🙂  When one of these days come upon you in the midst of coldness, it makes you immediately want to roll down your windows in the car, turn circles in the grass with your arms outstretched, and move all activities outside, pronto!  A gift from heaven above; God saying in a very small but wonderful way, “I love you; enjoy the day.”  Better than any wrapped gift I can think of.

So excuse me, I’m going to stop blogging now, and get ready to enjoy the day.  (although I’m teaching piano today…can I roll my big piano outside?  🙂 )  Slainte, Lisa

Here’s a lovely rendition of “Count Your Blessings” by Amy Grant & CeCe Winans.  This song helps me see those “heaven gifts” a little clearer.

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