The End of Green Cynicism

“Green are the hills of Ireland and green they will always stay. Warm are the blessings wished for you and they’ll always be that way.”

You always hear about the green in Ireland, so much so that you begin to think that it is a cliche, an overexaggeration promoted for tourism.  (ahh…what cynics we can sometimes be 🙂  )  But check out these pictures before deciding for yourself….the greenest of greens.  The only way you won’t like it is if you don’t like green.  But that of course is ridiculous, as green is the most amazing color ever created!  🙂

My little Tinkerbell in the meadow

The nearby mermaid lagoon 🙂

Green leaves as big as elephant’s ears!

So there you go….the end of your green cynicism forever.  I am happy now.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa


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