Far Away, So Close

Things that appear beautiful from far away can sometimes be not so attractive when you’re close up. The cracks, blemishes, or trash around the object detracts.   Or sometimes, the closer you get, you see more intricate details and brilliant colors, and the true beauty reveals itself.  Here are two sets of pictures, far away and close, for you to consider.  Let me know…which is more beautiful to you, far away or so close?  Slainte, Lisa

Bray’s Head Tower in the distance on the far hill






Bray’s Head Tower up close

ring fort

Leacanabuille Ring Fort far away

ring fort

Leacanabuille Ring Fort up close



*”Stay (Faraway, So Close)” – U2, Zooropa


10 thoughts on “Far Away, So Close

    • Thanks for the input, Peter! So, in recap, most people like the up close and personal, with a few voting for the far away. Anyone venturing to guess at any big meaning to this is welcome to fire away. 🙂 haha

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