A wonderful story that I thought worth sharing… Slainte, Lisa

celtic straits

After dinner, a man was asked by his children to tell them a story.

“What would you like to hear?” he asked his children.

“A story about a giant!” his youngest son exclaimed.

“Yes. Yes! A big giant!” exclaimed the kids.

After a short pause, the dad began his story.

“Once upon a time there were two small boys who asked their fathers to take them to see the great parade that passed through the village every ten years. The fathers, remembering the parade from when they were boys, quickly agreed, and the next morning the four of them set out together.

“As they approached the parade route, people started to push in from all sides, and the crowd grew thick. When the people along the way became almost a wall, the small boys became pinned in the forest of legs and backs.  So each father lifted his son and…

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