Back to Ireland

Here’s the new video featuring “Back to Ireland” off my new CD Flight of Freedom.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of beautiful Eire.  Slainte, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Back to Ireland

  1. (cough, cough) seems I got lost with the travels of the blog this morning 🙂 Fortunately I still feel the same way as I did the first time: ‘The pics are lovely…your voice infuses them with beauty’!

    • (cough, cough) This post has traveled greatly this morning…thankfully I think it’s home to stay now. Thank you for your kind words. May your day be filled with good music, happy laughter and calm waters at work. 🙂 Lisa

  2. Thank you for blessing our day! I feel like I have just journeyed to beautiful Ireland and seen all the amazing sights that you have shared with us in past!! Beautifully done video!! GOD BLESS!!

    • Thank you, Peter! That would be an awesome video to try to capture…it would be fun to go up in a plane and film the clouds, etc. Although it wouldn’t be quite the flying I had in mind with the song. 🙂

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