Celebratory Hike

Feeling inspired by the recent gold medal win of Katie Taylor from Bray, Ireland, two county Kerry sheep decide to ascend Carrantuohill in celebration.  They couldn’t just sit around and eat after all that, could they?  🙂     Slainte, Lisa

Sheep on the climb Sheep at the top

5 thoughts on “Celebratory Hike

    • I always wonder, when I watched those sheep climb and climb, what went through their minds…better grass at the top…I’m going because my buddy’s going…I hear the view up there is really awesome. 🙂

  1. May I too find today reasons to celebrate! I was doubly blest just now – I was listening to you sing on 88.1 and got the notification of your blog! First reason to celebrate……. 🙂

    • You are so sweet! Well….let’s see…IT’S FRIDAY!!! 🙂 Let the celebration begin. Of course, feel free to do something other than climb a mountain in honor of your jubilation. Maybe a happy dance in the middle of your office would suffice. haha Or go and get Teresa and make her do a happy dance with you. Ok, ok, I’m in an odd mood today.

  2. May I too today find reasons to celebrate! I am doubly blest just now: I am listening to you sing on 88.1 & get the notification from this blog! First reason to celebrate…… 🙂

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