Sheep in My Head All Night

That’s right…I said, “sheep”, not “sleep.”  I did sleep, but mostly I heard a particular song that we recorded yesterday, “Sheep of Portmagee.”  Over and over and over.  It was like the soundtrack to my nighttime dream adventures.   🙂

Thanks for any of you who said some prayers…they helped alot!  We got all the scratch vocals and the piano & hammered dulcimer tracks recorded yesterday.  Today is the fun part, with the other musicians coming in…fiddle, tinwhistle & Irish flute, guitar, and bodhran.  I can’t wait to hear how much better the songs will sound once they’re layered in.

It’s like life…solo I’m ok, I’ll do, I can be a blessing if I’m not being lazy.  But when we work together as a group, as a team of people with the same mission and goal, it’s amazingly better, fuller, richer, and more productive.  I know I’ll come away from today being blessed by these other musicians, by their artistry, by their work ethic, and by their willingness to help with this project.

Have a wonderful day, whether solo or in a group.   🙂  Slainte, Lisa

4 thoughts on “Sheep in My Head All Night

  1. Yes, today should be the fun day, hearing all your songs “come to life,” hopefully just the way you’ve heard them in your head for so many months!! Have a great day, Lisa!

    • Thank you, Gay! Yes, we were happy and smiling and generally having an awesome time yesterday. God is good. 🙂

      Be blessed today.

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