A Picture of A Picture

This is a picture of my pictures, which reside in the becoming-obsolete object called a picture album.  This album dates back to our first trip to Ireland from 2001.  These images show Joshua, then 7, ready to enjoy our day on the boat watching Fungi the dolphin jump and do tricks in Dingle’s waters.  These days, all of my pictures reside on tiny memory cards, or hidden deep in the recesses of my laptop’s storage banks.  And there are no new pictures in my photo albums.

At first I lamented this, and tried valiantly to print all the digital pictures we shot.  But there is no keeping up with this…the wonders of digital photography let you shoot so many wonderful pictures, too many to print all the time.  So I settle for printing the really special ones, and view my pictures in a new way.  And it’s a good thing.  But I still feel a warm, nostalgic feeling as I open a special volume filled with memories, with pictures in time captured and carefully placed in a book.

Tell me…do any of you still keep photo albums?  Or have you converted to digital viewing?

Make some beautiful photo-worthy memories today.  Slainte, Lisa


1 thought on “A Picture of A Picture

  1. I am terrible about developing film – digital photography works much better for me! It’s so easy to use online tools. I have created & published 2 photo books. Quite an accomplishment for someone who never got it done before 🙂

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