Those Who’ve Been Before

Ballycarberry Castle Interior, Caherciveen

We live in an old house, built in 1927, and I love it.  I love the fact that other families and children have climbed up and down our stairs, living their lives, and dreaming their dreams just like we are now.  I love imagining how they might have furnished the house in their time, how they sat around the table in our kitchen in the mornings.

Which brings me to my #2 thing to love about Ireland…(yes, this is now turning into a series!)  The Irish honor and remember their past.  You can see the outward signs of this by the sheer amount of beautiful ruins in the country; pieces of their past that they are unwilling to part with.  Buildings that might be considered eyesores in other countries somehow become beautiful monuments to glorious pasts in Ireland.  They become places in which to explore, dream, and imagine.  What was life like for the people who lived in this place, here on the water, surrounded by green land, but fearing possible invasion from other countries?  How did they live and eat and survive in their world?  What thoughts and hopes did they have for their future?  Amazingly, their thoughts and hopes were probably alot like mine and yours.  They wanted health and happiness for their families, meaning and purpose to their lives, and answers to what lie beyond this short life.  Just like us.  And the same God who answers those questions for us answered those questions for them.



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