Interaction Day!

Ok, all you readers out there…today is your day!  I want to hear from all of you….Tell me the most beautiful place in the world that you have visited.  It could even be your backyard!

It goes without saying the place I love the best……I’ll just share some pictures of lovely Ireland instead of writing….pictures say it all eloquently.

Cahir Castle

Near the Gap of Dunloe and Lord Brandon's Cottage

Alright, your turn….

Have a wonder-filled, God-seeking, this-is-a-new-day, kind of day!



4 thoughts on “Interaction Day!

    • Angela,
      That sounds awesome! I’ve never been to that part of Florida, but people tell me that the Gulf waters are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  1. The most beautiful place was actually quite ordainary. Around a curve coming from my former hiome in Jeffersonton stood a field teeming with cattle. On this particular morning fog laid over the field, including the cows, like thick frosting. Everything once there was transformed into a sparkling fanastyland.. Gone were any semblances of what was once and what remained was breathtaking. Thru my tears I pulled over beside the fence just to drink it in. The sun, though hidden by the fog too, was burning agaisnt it making all below glisten with its attempt. It was alive, yet still. I have never seen anything like this….makes me wonder what else I’ve missed!

    • Oh, Gay…what a wonderful description of what must have been such an amazing sight. I’m so glad that God let you be there to see it that day. Love, Lisa

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