Calling Out to You

“Lord, I’m calling out to You for the love I know I’ll find…

Help me to have strength for the mountains yet to climb…

Keep reminding me You’re never far away…

I’m calling out to You….             (“Calling Out to You”, c1991 Lisa Lyons)

Where do you look when you feel there is no one to help?  Where do you turn when you feel sad, or lonely, or scared?  The only place I have ever found to look is up.  “I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”  – Psalm 121:1-2

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that He is really there, that someone is listening to all those prayers.  But looking around, really looking at the tall trees, the birds that stay up in the air, the mountains that are so mighty, the flowers that pop up out of the ground….these things are amazing and more than I can explain.  God created, God knows things I do not, and He will explain all the mysteries to me someday.  And until then, I will look, and wait, and breathe, and keep trusting in His great mysteries.



5 thoughts on “Calling Out to You

  1. Lisa?! You came to my church one day back in the early 90’s. It was Florid United Methodist Church in Herndon, VA. I accepted Jesus in the service you lead. I was just a kid then but I’ve been singing your song, “Calling out to You” ever since. I still have your tape. I’ve wondered about you forever. You really ministered to me!

    • Hello, Lexi! 🙂 Yay! I am so encouraged to hear from you, and by your testimony. 🙂 I’m still singing, and Ed & I have 3 children now also. Hope that you are doing well. I can send you CD copies of the album if your old tape is wearing out. haha Just let me know. Love, Lisa

      • Lisa,

        What a beautiful tribute to your music ministry!!!! I’m not at all surprised that the song that touched that young girl’s heart was one of my very favorites: “Calling Out to You!” It has an emotional impact on the listener because it shows the deep feelings of the com[poser’s heart that touches the listener’s heart very profoundly!! How special to get this after so many years!!!

        Love and pride, Mom

  2. Oh, Lisa, I just found that you had again shared the story about how your special song, “Calling Out To You” had touched a young girl’s life and helped her to find the Lord! As I said many years ago, this song has such an incredibly profound impact on everyone who hears it because one can tell that the person who wrote it knew where to look for strength and courage and hope!! Praying that this beautiful message of trust and faith again touches YOUR heart today and gives you COMFORT AND HOPE! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS, LISA!!!!

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