Music Vs. Stillness, Before & After


When there is music, there are notes all around, sounds vibrating, tones mixing together to make harmonies.  When there is stillness, there is quiet, sometimes small background noises, but mostly just quiet.  And I love both.  I love the stillness the most after the sounds of the music.  It’s like after a big party…you’ve had fun, laughter, great conversations, good food and drink.  Then they go home, and your home is silent and still again.  The difference is overwhelming at first, and you just sink into the quiet.

The differences and contrasts in life are what make this life fun and exciting, and sometimes peaceful and quiet.  We all need a little of both.  I’m so thankful that God made music; it’s just about my favorite thing in the world.  But I’m equally thankful for the stillness, where I can be at rest and listen for His Voice.

Slainte, Lisa