And In the Town, There Was a Cottage

Sometimes I love to think about all the millions of towns, scattered in every country of the world.  And every town is full of people, living somewhere, and going through their everyday lives.  Then I think about how I don’t know most of these people, and I probably never will.  But they all matter; they are all created in the image of God.

Then my mind starts to think of the towns that I have traveled to before…ones that I loved and lived in for a short while, like Portmagee, Ireland.  For a while, we stayed there, shopped in their grocery stores, ate at their restaurants, listened to their music, and then we came home.  Yet life in Portmagee continues, and we are continuing here back at home.  The musings of a Saturday….:)

And In the Town…

…there was a cottage. A wonderful cottage.
Reencaheragh Cottage, Portmagee

May your little corner of the world be blessed today; you are important and loved by your Creator!  Slainte, Lisa