Rather than thinking, “My sin, my shame, my failure,” she remembered, “His forgiveness, His grace, His life.” -excerpt from “The Grace Awakening” by Charles Swindoll

I have been re-reading the book that God used to show me how much Jesus loves me, to help me break free, and be saved. I heartily recommend reading it, even if, or especially if you have been a Christian for a long time. Grace and grace alone. Jesus and what He did. Him, not me, thank goodness. Praise God for His indescribable gift of freedom and mercy.

Blessings for your day, Lisa

4 thoughts on “Grace

  1. What an uplifting and beautiful thought for our day from “The Grace Awakening” Book, which you quoted! Yes, it is by his grace and his sacrifice that are sins are forgiven. May we never forget! And remember, also, that once we have repented of those sins, our Father forgives and remembers them no more. What a praise!!

  2. Three days before the BIG yard sale. I have been over at the church sorting out all of the donated books. There must be over three hundred books and DVD’s. People are recycling their read books for new ones. I am glad you are still one of the people who are reading those books that you can hold in your hand and read in a comfortable setting. So many authors writing about God’s love and the great things people are doing for others.

    • Totally agree….I will always love a good old-fashioned printed book. My eyes go all googley when I try to read on a screen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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