The Beautiful Land

My husband and I have said it many times. The sheep and the cattle have the best real estate and the best views in Ireland. A few photographs to illustrate.

All of these lovely creatures were photographed near Glencolmcille, County Donegal by my husband. Peacefully enjoying the green, green grass in their beautiful scenery.

Praying you find peace today, wherever you are in the world. God’s blessings, Lisa

3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Land

  1. Other than “the Ring of Kerry,” I never knew where we were, but with a Lady of the Mountain at my back, I and very contented sheep and cows stood on a hillside looking out over the ocean, her skelligs, and the molten sun pouring down through a hole in the clouds — and I nearly envied those critters their undisturbed peace! Thanks for the memories of such. The Kerryman with us called Ireland a “God-breathed land.” Indeed!

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