In Mind of Ireland

County Sligo, Ireland
County Sligo, Ireland

It is a soft, misty morning here in Virginia.  The clouds are draped softly on the trees, the grass, the ground.  The white swirls around as I drive.  I feel as if I am wrapped in a soft fluffy blanket, and I am instantly, happily, back in Ireland on a similar day. 

A low whistle, the uillean pipes, the guitar, the lyrical stories in song fill my car’s speakers.  I begin to smile, to imagine, to be there.

Sitting in the pub, on a soft misty day, eating an amazing fresh-caught fish, a lovely Smithwick’s pint to wash it down. 

Not knowing exactly what will happen next, but blissfully not worrying about it. 

Listening to the session musicians, watching the set dancing….people much older than me who could dance as if they had springs underfoot. 

The dark, warm wooden tones of the pub wrapping you up to insulate against anything the outside might throw your way.

What a lovely morning of imagining, of remembering, it has been.

Slainte, Lisa

3 thoughts on “In Mind of Ireland

  1. What a beautiful picture you painted of your beloved Ireland this morning, enabling those of us who have never been there to experience a bit of its warmth and enchantment!! Keep those special memories close to your heart, and you can pull them out again and again when you need the uplift! Much love to you!

  2. As you know I am a people person and in Ireland it is the people who make the experience so wonderful. Where are you going Yank? How can I help you out Yank? If you are looking for a great lunch see my friend Molly. Tell her I sent you. She will treat you like family. Oh yes, what great memories.
    Doug Dwyer

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