Overachievers, or Reaching Past Herd Mentality

As I regard our lovely holly bush this morning, I laughed as I looked at the fast, vigorous growers on the top. They are lush green, reaching to grow as much as possible before being trimmed into submission by my ever-hardworking husband.

As goes my mind, I thought about the various ways you could see these shoots of green.

  1. Unsightly sore thumbs- they just don’t fit in. They are not following the lines of the accepted holly bush shape.
  2. Overachievers – they are just showing off. They want to outshine all the others around them.
  3. Reachers of grandeur- they want something more, something different. They are not content to merely follow the herd mentality and stay within the accepted boundaries of holly bush rules. They are reaching for the heavens.

Now I know by writing this, my sweet husband is now going to have trouble trimming this bush, as he will feel bad for trimming their exuberance. lol

How do you see these lovely green shoots? I would love to hear in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day seeing the world that God has made in all its exuberant glory.

Slainte, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Overachievers, or Reaching Past Herd Mentality

  1. What an intriguing riddle for a pretty morn. I see these branches as we who are connected to the vine that are growing in Christ and reaching upward for more God Time. More of the Divine Light. Maybe needing it more. Maybe struggling, but still believing that answers are always when we look Up.

  2. I guess I see these new shoots as new life, which is always uplifting and amazing! However, I must admit I sometimes see them as a nuisance because I don’t have many willing souls to keep them trimmed back!! Today I will focus on the New Life that they represent!! There is always beauty to be found when we look fo it!! Have a blessed day. Lisa!

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