The Freedom to Write When You Have Nothing to Say

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First of all….this is not a political post.

Secondly….nothing is something.

It has been many, many weeks since I have written in this poor neglected blog. I could give you an absurdly long list of reasons why, but I will spare you the excuses. Mostly, it was because of one big reason.

I felt I had nothing to say.

Nothing new, nothing of interest, nothing that would not offend someone, nothing that would fix the problems, nothing that encouraged.

But God opened up the thought to me this morning that nothing is still something. We all have something to say that is worthwhile, meaningful, helpful….even if it has been said a thousand times before. Because we are all individuals, going through this life in our own way. The lens of how we see life makes what we see, and say, and write, different yet helpfully the same.

My encouragement to any of you reading this? Your nothing is not nothing. It is something. Something very precious to God. Keep speaking, keep writing, keep hoping.

Love, Lisa

2 thoughts on “The Freedom to Write When You Have Nothing to Say

  1. What an uplift your post was to me today! You have a way of wording things that captures my heart and makes me feel good about life. That is what we all need right now! With all the negativity out there in our world, some positive words of wisdom are so refreshing! Your greatest gift to the world is the encouragement you give to us with your unique writing style and messages of hope. Yes, something is better than nothing, and we never know when what we write or say is just what someone else may need to hear that day. God bless you, special Lisa!

  2. Great to have you back, Lisa! I’ll keep on speaking, writing and hoping, just as you asked. Sometimes we need to “work” at doing the basics, but it always pays off. A discipline that God sees as good.

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