To The King

I have been quiet, I know. To be very honest, I have been mourning. Mourning the loss of freedom of speech, thought, debate, reason. Mourning the loss of what was and what I thought things would be. This all sounds quite dour and morose, I know. But it is a real thing, and I think many of us are feeling it.

God always reaches closely when we need comforting if we are paying attention. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” -Matthew 5:4 He is gently reminding me this morning that this world is not my home. That there is a place prepared for me, and He is coming soon to take me home with Him. A much better and more beautiful place. A place with beautiful God freedom, sane thoughts, reason, harmony, peace, healing, resurrection. Praise God!

As I did 31 years ago when I accepted Christ into my heart, I am again pledging my undying allegiance to the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. He is in control, He will make all that is wrong right, He will restore.

My job now is to keep hope, keep looking up, try to let others know that God is faithful and that Jesus loves them so much that He died for them. That He wants a relationship with them.

Thank you, Lord, for the comfort this morning. You alone are King. Love, Lisa

2 thoughts on “To The King

  1. How wonderful it was to see you writing again! You always inspire and encourage us to keep Looking Up for the things that make life meaningful and beautiful. Yes, it has been a sad time in out country for a very long time now, and I never thought I’d see our great nation sink to these low levels; but the Lord is still on the throne, and He alone will give us the HOPE we need if we keep Looking Up Clearly!!

  2. Good to have you back, Lisa!
    Yes, “God IS faithful and Jesus loves us” – both statements are rock solid no matter what we do, no matter what life throws at us, no matter how we fail Him, no matter how things appear to us, no matter how down we get. We can always reach a hand back up – to the One who is faithfully still there, loving us.

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